Note to my readers…

(My original “Note to my readers” and the rationale I stated at the time follow below.)

I started this blog five years ago to improve my writing and know myself better. I was warned that before you write a good book, you will need to churn out a good 500 pages of garbage, so off I went. Re-reading my own posts is painful, but I would hardly call any of it “garbage.” Why? William James asks us “who can swear that his prejudices and irrational beliefs constitute a less bulky part of his mental furniture than his clarified opinions?” Well, I can–now! This blog’s title is not meant as a recommendation to you, the reader, but meant instead as a message to its author. The only recommendation I have for my readers is that they too write a blog of this nature and then read it! The public nature of your exposure will scare your unconscious mind into taking your writing far more seriously, while the feedback can help shape your further thought and research. Besides, the blog acts as a great mnemonic device for your own opinions. Assuming healthy brain function, being knowledgeable and intelligent is a choice, but wisdom is the accumulated effect of the right choices–including knowing precisely what to overlook. I have found no better formula for generating wisdom than this form of self-revelation.

(Original “Note to my readers…”)

“We speak, not only to tell others what we think, but to tell ourselves what we think.” -J. Hughlings Jackson

My dear readers,
I write not for bread or recognition, but rather to better understand my self and all of existence. This growing collection of my musings, rants, and provisional opinions has been added to our great digital commons with no pretensions of instructing mankind, but rather to further motivate myself to write and to be corrected or refuted wherever I may be in error. I especially encourage the exposing of any of my opinions that may have been preempted by another author so that I may become better acquainted with my neighbors in the world of ideas, as well as benefit from the force of their authority instead of relying solely on my own stubbornness for want of conviction. My motives, though self-interested, are commensurate with an honest desire that my readers either enjoy the pleasure of setting me straight, the pleasure of finding a serendipitous articulation of one’s own thoughts, or perhaps even the joy of discovering a novel perspective.

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5 Responses to Note to my readers…

  1. Bill Kresowaty says:

    Just ran across your blog via the Julian Jaynes site. I appreciate people like you doing what you’re doing. Whereas we used to journal and discuss these kinds of things in late night sessions with friends in coffee houses, this is now done in a much more public and accessible way via the blog. It’s all good.

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  3. Salila says:

    ”Whereas we used to journal and discuss these kinds of things in late night sessions with friends in coffee houses,..”

    I want a coffee house like that..

    • Salila, I want a coffee house like that too! One of the major reasons I put this blog up is so that my friends and family can have easier access to my thoughts, given that it is an impossibility to get everyone together regularly at a chosen coffee house. Even when I do get a couple hours of someone’s time, it is not often very easy to fully develop a thought with them, to mutually grow a shared perspective. So despairing of much opportunity for this, I blog so as to spark an asynchronous conversation. Thanks for joining in!

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