I haven’t written on this blog for over a year and a half! Wow. I had just gone through the breakup of a 6-year relationship, had lost a job, and was failing to find a good fix for a persistent leg injury. On top of that, I started to notice that my blog posts were turning into chapters in the book I was unconsciously writing, so I finally felt ready to begin writing “The Feeling of Thought” in earnest. A few months in I fell in love again, god help me. I can only shake my head and lament with Oscar Wilde that “women…inspire us with the desire to do masterpieces, and always prevent us from carrying them out.” That year I was able to accomplish precious little with my book and it was everything I could do to get some time to write out my thoughts in some notes at the end of the day. Fast-forward and I’ve gone through a foot reconstruction surgery, another breakup, and am making another push to write my book (currently I’m about 1/4 done). However, again I’m finding surprising and disparate thoughts creep into my mind that I need to dislodge and get a good look at, lest they distract me in my main project. So I’ll pen something here from time to time, though I hope to transition to a new blog with the same title as my book. Enjoy!


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