Rousey vs Kaufman & Murky Rules

MMA competition has a number of murky grey areas in their rules and regulations, but the recent fight card featuring Rousey vs Kaufman highlighted many of these in a particularly pronounced fashion. This post is not a plea to amend these rules, but rather a warning and a lesson to my students and all students of self-defense. Basically I just want to highlight how absolutely crucial two movements are to self-defense: the kick to the knee and the eye jab, which can gracefully be thrown in an alternating 1+2 motion, or thrown at the same time. The first series of pictures shows Armagov throwing a gentle little side-kick-style push from his lead leg onto his opponents lead leg, buckling his opponent mid-attack. This was not even a forceful chasse or sidekick, but it nonetheless ended the fight immediately, despite the fact that Armagov’s opponent had his front foot pointed more or less straight forward.

This second series of pictures shows Roger Bowling getting poked in the eye by the outstretched hand of Tarec Saffeidine. Almost comically, Saffeidine gouges Bowling with his pinky finger, watches Bowling retract in pain, and then extends that left hand again with those fingers jutting straight out! He is technically not striking with this hand, but letting his opponent impale himself on a range-finder.

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